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Thursday, December 8, 2022


Chicago Area Golf - What's Hot

As the golf season heats up, we examine the latest equipment trends.

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     TourBound Golf Academy Robot Swing Trainer. Didn’t expect that one, did you? Well, this machine fits the “customizing technology” theme, but in the opposite way: Instead of conforming to the swing you have, this high-tech device reads your swing and then literally guides you in making the swing you and your teacher want you to have.
     The brainchild of teaching pro Scot Nei and located at the golf haven Play18 Chicago in the Loop, the Robot Swing Trainer looks a bit like an arcade game with slender robotic arms that intersect at a golf club that you grip as well.

Chicago Area Golf - Helping to Make Your Golf Dreams Come True

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The idea that you will get worse before you get better is not consistent with our philosophy or experiences at TourBound Gold Academy. We just want you to get better.

     Let’s start with one of the most important aspects of golf: compression of the ball. At least 90 percent of all amateurs don’t compress the golf ball and don’t impart backspin. This is because they don’t know how the wrists move in the swing.

Sweet Home Chicago

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      Scot Nei, Robot Winning Combination At TourBound Golf Academy Let’s face facts; over time most baby boomers have replaced their childhood fear of clowns with an even deeper fear of robots. Who, after all, doesn’t get night sweats just contemplating the inevitable day when robots take over our jobs, then our homes, then the world?

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